StarDog Agency was created in 2018 by two long time marketing friends, Mark Glasstetter and Ted Shannon.  They both felt that marketing today was clouded in confusing messages, incorrect visuals and no results.  Couple that with the change over to digital marketing and it was apparent, a business with the purpose of direct messaging and results was born.

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is be nice and keep in the basics.

It’s kind of amazing how many companies are out there that call themselves a marketing or advertising company.  Saturation has become accessible since digital marketing came into existence and standing out seems to be a much more difficult venture.  However, it’s apparent that in today’s world of instant gratification, it’s necessary to put in the basics of repetition of message, but to also make sure that message is clearly stated so it’s understood.  That’s what makes StarDog Agency different and how they have grown since starting the company.

Refreshingly, what made the business start-up easier was social media platforms and their far effecting reach.

You must learn one thing. In a free market, a business that can let as many people know it exists will have the advantage over one that does nothing.  

So simple, yet so essential, the fundamental implementation these guys preach is get started marketing now.  Very often a business will try and prepare as if they are about to launch a shuttle and they forget that marketing is about trial and error, but trial needs to happen before you know what the results can be.  It’s also the most effective way to produce results, taking from the principal precept, the more you send out into the world, the more you will receive back.

Companies known for their digital marketing campaigns, such as Dollar Shave Club and AirBnb are examples of how utilizing this new technology with the right amount of direct communication are examples of how the new age movement can effectively and efficiently drive a business forward.  There are 5 simply methods that StarDog looks at for each business:

  • setting weekly and monthly goals
  • knowing what budget to work with
  • analyzing and determining the market
  • performing and specific strategy
  • then execution of the branding

Even though successful marketing campaigns are getting more interactive, they are also getting more streamlined in their design.  StarDog Agency understands that more than half of all online content is viewed on a phone, and that number is expected to continue to rise.  That means that more and more marketing will be designed with the smartphone in mind, how it fits that screen and how you want the end user to take action.

Be the effect that you wish to see in the world

They recently released their marketing strategy for a long time publication in St. Petersburg called the Downtown newsletter in which they are meshing traditional marketing with an online version in order to generate even more results from their marketing campaigns.

There was a time in the industry not too long ago, when it seemed that individual social media sites like Facebook would be the greatest direction to marketing your business.  However with recent events of data breeches and backlash over personal intrusion being in the fore front, this avenue has taken a backseat to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Google Plus.

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There was an article written by Techcrunch that told the story of how Facebook in Europe was coming under fire for ‘dark ads’.

I feel like for a minute, it was uncertain as to what would be the end result for advertising on Facebook.

However this has not deterred a lot of businesses and it shouldn’t deter yours, says Ted.  Marketing is all about getting your name out into the public on a consistent basis.

Navigating the difficult game of launching a new company into the world.  

Now, more than ever, launching a business is about determination and fortitude.  Thick skin is needed when things can be a little bit like a roller coaster ride and you have to sometimes predict the future in order to be ahead of the curve.  StarDog has done that and from that experience seem ready to move into the next phase of expansion.

StarDog Social Reach

StarDog puts out helpful content every week on their marketing blog, Talking Library.  That information is then given to all of their social media sites and they feel that educating business owners is the first step to enabling a business to expand.  They also let me in on what effective strategies they found produces the best results.

The most effective marketing strategies are:

  • custom websites
  • social media management
  • video marketing
  • direct and email marketing

The future looks bright for this up and coming small business and with a unique website and outlook, both Mark and Ted see the future of StarDog Agency in the Tampa bay area as a prosperous adventure.