Wall Springs Park is a beautiful walk. You will find ta big figure 8 to gander along with 3 different boardwalks jutting out over the water offering great views. If your wish is to fish, you may. It is a family park with a lot to enjoy.

The scenery is classic Florida nature coast and worth taking your out of town guest to show them how lovely this area can be. You will get some “Wows” for sure. Looking into the depths of natural spring and seeing all the fish in the clearwater next to it is really a scene of beauty and peace.

The spring itself is surrounded by a walkway and gazing down from a certain angle takes on the shape of a woman’s head. The legend is that it reminded Ponce de’ Leon of his beautiful wife although there is no evidence to support he was ever there.

Property surrounding the spring was purchased by Charles Wall in 1884. It remained in the family until 1927. Not much is known about what the spring was used then for but there has been indications that the natives once gathered there and enjoyed it.

If you are looking for a great place to go with the kids or the out-of-towners give Wall springs park a shot. It is 210 acres of natural wonder. The park is located just off Alt 19 at 3725 Desoto Blvd. in Palm Harbor.  It is open seven days a week and closes at 7pm.  Enjoy!!