Unfortunately, domestic violence and sexual assaults take place. The subject is hard to think about or talk about. Those that do not have a connection to or have been a victim of it would rather stick to much happier subjects. The truth is, it does need to be talked about and it is vital for the victims of it to have a safe, professional ear and guidance to help them heal.

heelstohealHeels to Heal Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, founded in 2009. It is dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault receive the resources required to heal.

Each survivor receives 12 free counseling sessions to help restore a sense of hope, reduce PTSD symptoms, and to learn how to break the cycle of abuse permanently for both themselves and often to protect their children.

The Heels to Heal Counseling Program engages the services of licensed mental health counselors to provide survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault with these free counseling sessions. The funding for this program is raised exclusively through community outreach, donations, fundraising events, and private grants.

A new Heels to Heal Resource Center at 290 9th St. North in St Petersburg will open in the Fall/Winter 2018.  This facility will allow the organization to expand its existing successful counseling programs.  The vision for the new space is to provide private counseling services, group counseling support, art therapy, career coaching, counseling internship programs and additional resources by collaborating with other non-profit service organizations.

Currently, Heels to Heal partners with CASA, St Pete, St Pete Police, and Pinellas Sheriff’s advocacy teams which refer participants in need of counseling after a traumatic occurrence from sexual assault or domestic violence.

In May 2018, Heels to Heal hosted their 5th Annual “Fashion Show to Remember” with 375 supporters in attendance, this successful event raised $145,000 from the wondrous generosity of the participants. The evening was filled with compassion and community support. Due to the event, Heels to Heal will be able to meet their goal this year of providing at least 150 hours of counseling services a month.

For more information on Heels to Heal Inc, please visit Heelstoheal.org