Oh… what to do that is fun for everyone?  How about a little Time Travel!

Heritage Village just off Walsingham Rd in Largo and right next to the Florida Botanical Gardens is where you will find an easy way to go back in time. This 21 acre living history experience is an amazing way to spend a couple rewarding hours of the time you can control. This wonderful preserve gives you a great view into how it was 50, 75 or 100 plus years ago.

The Village is open to the public free of charge and while the hours are limited, Wednesday – Saturday from 10a – 4p and Sunday 1p – 4p, with a little planning it is an adventure worth taking. If you want to make half a day if it, there is a walking bridge directly into the Florida Botanical Gardens and you can take in that treat as well, also free of charge.

Heritage Village Larog

Heritage Village is a grouping of 31 structures of various periods dating back as early as the 1850’s. Each building is able to be entered or viewed into and has period artifacts appropriate to that structure. There are homes, a church, school, shops, train station and a store that is full of all the staples of the era! There are even a few vehicles to admire. You will also find a few plants and a garden that are quite interesting. All of the buildings give you a sense of how it was at that time. However, some of the structures have been modified to have modern Air Conditioning so, taking some time there in the summer is an enjoyable event. It really reminds you of how good we have it today in our own temperature controlled, electrically operated homes.

At certain times of the year there are demonstrations of blacksmithing or sugar mill production and several other activities if you are able to go to special events. You can find the schedule online at pinellascounty.org/heritage/annual-events.htm or google “heritage village” and click on “Plan Your Visit”. There are some events that any history buff would not want to miss!

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Heritage Village train depot





Heritage Village is a great “all ages” attraction and it is something all kids should get an opportunity to see. It is also a romantic hand holding opportunity (without kids).  If you do have kids or grandkids make sure that you make the time for this quality entertainment adventure. Tell them it’s like a set from a movie only real or something. Tell them they can post pictures on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or whatever is the latest selfie platform, proving they went back in time. History is cool and fun!

Our tax dollars have already paid to create this time preserve of historic structures and artifacts. So, with free admission the price is nice! Plus this place is way less crowded then the theme parks you have to take out a mortgage to visit. Take advantage of what is right up the road from where you live and learn what the Floridians of the past lived like. It is time well spent!