Google Announces Our Partnership

It’s nice to know when you are on the right track.  It is great to know that one of the largest tech companies on earth agrees with the ideas behind FLSUNNEWS.COM. They have started promoting the key concepts.  Google is specifically aggregating good news as of now and are looking for sources tagged as such.  FLSUNNEWS.COM is good news only.  We look for positive, or minimally non-contentious, news on a hyper-local level.  Sorry, but that eliminates politics entirely!  When the Google web bots are looking for good and positive news they will find us. We are SEO(Search Engine Optimized) to be found when anyone is searching for good news, local news, and all the things to do or places to go in each of the Pinellas County cities.

Winning at Marketing.

In today’s era, being found organically on Google or Bing at the top of a search is what everybody wants, as long as it is positive.  And the opposite, being found at the top with a negative Yelp or similar review drives customers away. It’s called Reputation Management.

For the record, Yelp may be the opposite of good. They may hide positive reviews down hard to see links and promote to their top review negative ones based on an algorithm that they “can’t control”. If you are an advertiser they will help you “get to a person” to review your ranking… good or evil? Some companies win and others don’t with high Google  ranked reviews.

Be Positive to win.

FLSUNNEWS.COM, like the new Google good news function, only looks for positive things to say.  Our mothers told us that “If you can’t say something nice than say nothing”.  We obey our mama’s. That means when we go out looking for stories on local businesses we are looking for ways to help them tell their stories. We find why they are in business and where the good and exciting passion comes from, sometimes what their mama’s taught them.  We write about the good.  Don’t get me wrong, FLSUNNEWS.COM won’t try to find good where there isn’t any or cover up a negative with false information. Yet, we are not like other news papers that look for conflict or opposing views.

The way we make money is by finding something awesome to say about someone or something, and asking for underwriting support of the site. we then promote that positive story through public relations efforts in the digital world.

How the Mind Works.

Our minds have been bombarded with advertising for decades. We have trained ourselves to ignore it. Advertising has drastically declined its ROI.  Now, every click and time spent on an article is tracked online, articles that are not written in short paragraphs containing lots of headlines and other many tricks cause people to stop reading. This is called “Bounce Rate” and is a big factor in SEO. We use best practices in our articles.

Like FLSUNNEWS.COM, Google is now looking for good news. We are SEO perfected to be found in searches. We expect Google, Bing etc. to help everyone find our stories.

Looking for Like Minded.

If you or someone you know has a positive story that you would like to have written about a business, organization or really anything, especially if there is willingness to underwrite the site contact us.  We are always looking for nice things to say about the local activities, businesses and organizations in Pinellas County.

Positive stories that go deeper then an ad or a big site review let a potential customer find out what is truly interesting and unique about something.

Don’t let the Bad Guys win!

Reviews are often be used by a competitor or angry people to harm a business. They become guilty until proven innocent. If you read reviews on Amazon, Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc you can see this fact everywhere.  Somebody writes something nasty against a business and almost nothing can be done. If that business tries to fix reputation management issues it’s with an argumentative explanation.  You see this time and time again, actual lies from an angry someone, meant only to harm.

Not one of these sites will allow the business owner to contest and remove a false review, not one. Of course, some negative reviews are accurate on products or at that time, however, something can be fixed yet the black-mark review can remain for years.

Get the Word Out!

The alternative is to put more positive than negative out into the digital world. With excellent SEO methods, good news come up in searches ahead of the uncontrollable negative stuff.  FLSUNNEWS.COM is on a mission to give the businesses that work hard the chance to have factual and good news on the internet.

The side benefit is that a business may then use a positive news story for marketing and send it out via social media and email campaigns. It can build momentum and be picked up in other publications or digital sites. The good news story can be tied into their own websites with valid positive information. Doing this creates back-links to FLSUNNEWS.COM building even better SEO for all concerned. News articles stay on the web forever and build ranking over time. We offer these services to generate revenue.

Re-use Good News!

If a positive news article really hits on what makes a business awesome, the message should be refined and used in future advertising of a brand.

Good PR that gets any traction is much more powerful than advertising.

Good news PR that resonates with the reader can make a business or brand successful where spending a million dollars on advertising won’t.

FLSUNNEWS.COM is here to spread good news and positive messages of the interesting activities we cover. Society could really use some good news and Google agrees.

Contact us to let us help you tell your positive news!