Fantasy Life Network is an exciting, fun and accurate website dedicated to helping amateur and experienced Fantasy Football players.  It was conceived by three best friends David Gerhart, Anthony Heald and Mark Glasstetter.  They’ve been playing Fantasy Football for over a decade do an extensive amount of research which then turned their hobby into a flourishing business.

The main thing to know is that Fantasy Football is just like playing poker with friends or a pick up basketball game, it’s simply fun.  

“It started as a way to turn our hobby into a business while having fun together and that then turned into helping other Fantasy players win their Fantasy leagues”, Anthony says.  “I’m not one who has a lot of time but that is the beauty of playing fantasy, it really only takes about an hour a week”.  “You get to compete with friends, co-workers, and it builds friendships that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t play Fantasy Football”.

Refreshingly, what these guys are doing is bringing a lot of information to one site that you would normally have to get from 4 or 5 different sites.

FLN Podcast
FLN’s weekly Podcast

You must learn one thing. The world is not ready for 3 filter-less friends to talk about Fantasy Football and present those ideas to in a podcast.  But, what the hell, I’m free on Friday.  

So simple, yet so essential, the weekly podcast is recorded in a small room where the 3 friends laugh, entertain each other and generally give important information to people on how they can win their home Fantasy leagues.  It’s also the most functional way they can help people because, as Mark says, “giving easily understood information is key, talking like you would to your best friend is how our podcast sounds”.  They feel that this legitimizes the information and gives it more of an authority than say, reading that same information would do.  It doesn’t matter what your experience level or what you normally like listening too, these 3 talk about Fantasy Football, current events, each other’s siblings and sound like people you would get advice from on a regular basis.

Fantasy Football has taken off into a multi-million dollar business and there are no signs of it slowing down.  It launched the careers of many people like John Hensen of FantasyGuru fame and Matthew Berry of ESPN.  Fantasy takes into account doing some specific actions such as:

  • researching players on different NFL teams
  • preparing and participating in a draft where you pick certain NFL players
  • watching games and staying up on the latest player news
  • working to get into the playoffs with the hope of getting to the championship

Fantasy Life Network is unique because they bring together a multitude of information into one site.  Things like Dynasty Football data, individual defensive information, daily fantasy information and they even track how accurate some of the “experts” are from other sites to hold them accountable for their advice.  They put their own butts on the line by showing you how accurate they can be and compare that accuracy with other known fantasy sites.

We just wanted to show that Fantasy can be easy to play but most of all fun

They started their site in 2018 and built a strong showing on social media sites like Instagram.  From that following, they launched their Podcast that is done every week and they base it around specific topics that give newbies an easy understanding but also give unique information that satisfies the experienced player.

Today, in the industry it seems like the abundance of information is being shown as law but when people play, that information was incorrect.  Fantasy Football is about opinions but it seemed that many “experts” were talking as if they knew or guaranteed what was going to occur and that is what Fantasy Life Network is working on, to bring a realistic view to the avid fan.

FLN Draft Guide
FLN’s 2018 Draft Guide

The guys even put out an extensive draft guide that has all kinds of information useful to the average player.  The guide is 52 pages of wall to wall stats, and more that can be used when researching for your upcoming drafts.

It includes their top 200 players of 2018, a breakdown of the top 50 players from each position, an in-depth look at each team, the upcoming NFL schedule and even has rankings for defensive players that I’ve been told, most people don’t do.

Fantasy Football is annually growing into a robust industry with new players each year and getting information from one source seems to be a cumbersome task.  Fantasy Life Network does do a great job of having that information in one place.

Fantasy articles seem to be redundant and can be somewhat boring at times.  

David set out to change this and write articles that give relevant information but also entertain because as he says, “if you are not entertained, you won’t be back”.  You can certainly see it in some of the articles like “Carlos Hyde Eulogy: waivers hold our dearly departed or “Kickers, really?” which is an article dedicated to people that take a kicker too early in their fantasy drafts.

To find their place, Mark looked around to many other sites and found that what makes them stand out is having the basic information in one play while delivering that easily.  He also found that holding other sites accountable was a great way to view the fantasy landscape differently.  This is how they distinguish themselves from their competition in the Fantasy world.

I’m a big fan of smack talk so fantasy gives me an outlet to have my real life ‘the league’.

A key to what most people wanted was to get the information and not have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to get it.  This was important for the Fantasy Life guy’s as their goal was to allow novice players to get accurate information but also ensuring the business continues to grow.  That balance is shown throughout their site and all information sent out on social media.

They post their top 50 player projections on instagram in order to show people good data and allow you to feel informed.

FLN top 50 players
FLN’s Top 50 players on instagram

They also provide unique facts about certain players that go along with an image of the player.  This brings about a good understanding and gives some helpful tips that you might not get from any other source.

Fantasy Football seems to be all about effective information like:  

  • Projections and rankings
  • additional information on teams and how good they will be this year
  • Daily Fantasy information
  • re-draft and dynasty league information

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes the hours it will take to analyze and categorize Fantasy stats from the previous year?  But these guys do it and do it well, their business is growing and their followers along with it.