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Friday, July 19, 2019
Al Lang Field St Petersburg
The year was 1914, baseball was entrenched as America's pastime, and St. Petersburg was ready to make its debut as a winter tourist mecca. Al F. Lang, the city's tireless promoter and an ardent baseball fan, scored a major coup that year by introducing major league baseball spring training to the city. Up until Lang's arrival in town, no big league team had ever trained on Florida's...
Million Dollar Pier St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg was born and came of age during an era when transportation was the key to development. The city's rise to fame as a tourist destination began with the rail and steamboat connections that gave sun-starved snowbound northerners access to the area's tropical wonders. That great transportation link came about with the completion of the railroad pier in 1888 near today's Central Avenue. Soon, trains from Henry...
Mitchell Beach Hotel
With St Petersburg upcoming Mayoral election, we thought it would be fun to look at one of St. Petersburg’s earliest, and more colorful, Mayor - Noel Mitchell.  Noel Mitchell is probably most famous for being the first to install the green benches that lined the streets of downtown St Petersburg during the first half of the twentieth century.  But, he was St. Petersburg’s Mayor, for a short...
In the 1920s, St. Petersburg had less than 27,000 people, but it boasted unbelievable performing arts venues for such a small city. Among these were La Plaza Theatre, the Coliseum and the Manhattan Casino. While George S. Gandy is best known for building the Gandy Bridge in 1924, the first bridge linking Tampa Bay between Tampa and St. Petersburg, this was not his first remarkable St....
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