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You’ve heard for years that solar is the way of the future. “Going Green” will make you feel good about your impact on the planet. Is it worth the actual cost? Will it add more than PR value? Do you...
Ted Shannon bought his first house at 17 years old for only $12,500. The small home probably qualified as a teardown. He saw it as a project that could be turned into something cute and livable. After spending a...
StarDog Agency was created in 2018 by two long time marketing friends, Mark Glasstetter and Ted Shannon.  They both felt that marketing today was clouded in confusing messages, incorrect visuals and no results.  Couple that with the change over...
Fantasy Life Network is an exciting, fun and accurate website dedicated to helping amateur and experienced Fantasy Football players.  It was conceived by three best friends David Gerhart, Anthony Heald and Mark Glasstetter.  They've been playing Fantasy Football for...
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