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Saturday, July 20, 2019


St. Pete Glass Master Creates Major Changes

GLASS MASTER, TRENDSETTER, GOOD GUY, BOTANIST!                  Art glass guru, hot shop builder, community difference maker, visionary?     Too much?.... This guy and his team are pretty cool even with the heat of a kiln!  Duncan was just a 5 year old boy when he...

Beachcomber gets Environmental Stewardship Award

   Sheri Heilman has been a strong leader and advocate for making Clearwater Beach the #1 ocean friendly beach on earth.  As a spearhead for improvements she has implemented strict environmentally friendly policies and practices at her families two restaurants. Bob Heilman's Beachcomber Restaurant and Bobby’s Bistro and Wine...

High End Interior Shutter Maker Wins Award

There are a lot of amazing things in St. Petersburg. Innovation seems to be the norm. You can find hidden gems in the city, like a business you may not have heard about.  Stick with me, this is the story of a company that's been a steadfast job provider...