Good news

Thank you for reading the inside scoop on what we are up to!

FLSUNNEWS.COM is a hyper-local, “Good News Only” website.

We currently cover all of Pinellas County in Florida. We will try to offer coverage of events and stories of a positive and fun nature. The site was created with the understanding that:

1People are sick of all the bad news that comes from regular media.

2. Charities, businesses and individuals that are doing good things in the                        communities need help to make that known. Some of us actually care about that.

3. It is a wonderful area that we live in and we wish to remind people that life is better here. We hope to be a source of factual data that is useful and not remove the joy from the reader by playing on fear and the horror of the few sick people in society. That is what most media sources do, NOT US! We are happy people and look for good things.

We do not cover politics or allow partisan politics from either side to be on the site. The far left and the far right are insane. The divisiveness in society is greatly orchestrated by media. We will abstain from further comment.  We do not cover the tragedies society faces or the crimes, nor failures of humanity, there are plenty of news outlets for that information.

Flsunnews.com does not sell articles to businesses. Often when we find an interesting business and start to write a great article on them they are willing to become an underwriter on our site or place a banner ad so readers can find them easily. That does not influence our goal of finding what is right in the world and writing about it! Of course we need to make money to live. We look for interesting things to showcase and generally ask for support in the process.  If there is no interest in support we still run the article. Plain and clear, this is just like most media. Of course if a business sees the positive value of this news site and wants to be an underwriter, we take their call when they want to get exposure for something good.  This is our attempt at transparency in case you couldn’t tell.

Flsunnews.com believes, like every individual, each organization is unique or somehow amazing. We look for exceptional qualities . Our Editorial Board gives out awards to the “real deals” we spot. This is part of our good news philosophy. We write in-depth articles about the history and passion behind an individual or organization, our team looks to acknowledge excellence. Often we find someone or something worth much more than just a story.  They deserve an award.  We create an award based on a checklist approval process that goes through major vetting. This includes meeting with all of our staff and the proposer pitching whether an award is deserved or not.  We call it the “Editorial Board of Directors” or “the gauntlet”. The facts are, all staff are involved and any dissent or disagreement from anyone nullifies the process. Only the best survive!    Award winners deserve it!!!!

Where are we coming from?

Solutions Journalism is a new genre that we try to write with. Google it with a click here.  Our goal is creating positive expose’s on those that try to help make life better. That includes charitable organizations and businesses. We are not afraid to identify a problem but will only write about it if there is a presented solution. If we can find what the next best thing is, making this world a better place, with out swinging to the left or to the right, that is what we cover. Who is fixing it? What has been fixed? Who is making it better and how? Our inquiring minds seek this data.  Please be part of our movement and know that we welcome the like minded.  There is always a position available to become a contributing team member of FLSUNNEWS.COM. It may or not pay but please think about how to contribute.  Want to write? Want to support the idea? We are always seeking good content to get out to the masses that have not given up on this world. If you want to sponsor the site or get out your positive message reach out!

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or offers you might have. Go to the contact page and send us an email.